Плакиас - это благославенный рай."

Это идеальное место отдыха, расположенное на южном побережье острова Крит. Плакиас построен вдоль сказочного пляжа, который удостоен награды "голубой флаг". Есть все, что вам необходимо: магазины, супермаркеты, самые разнообразные места, где можно поесть и попить, ночные клубы, агентства по туризму и недвижимости. Красивый изогнутый залив, в котором расположен Плакиас, идеально подходит для отдыха, плавания и загара.

Окружающие холмы дают возможность прогуляться по тропам через оливковые рощи и не только. Есть небольшая гавань (где вы можете сесть на лодку и посетить несколько других пляжей), а также следуя вдоль пляжа, вы в конечном итоге окажетесь на дороге, ведущей в залив Суда (около 3 км), там глядя на горизонт, можно увидеть самую южную часть Европы, остров Гавдос.


Crete's south coast is blessed with some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean and many of these are just a short drive or even walking distance from Plakias village. The palm beach at Preveli is a unique spot where the palm-fringed waters of the Megalopotamos meet the clear blue Libyan sea, from the little harbour at Plakias you can catch a boat to this most memorable of beaches. Nearer to the village, just 3km walk along the beach road is Souda beach where there are a couple of welcoming tavernas, on the way to Souda there are a couple of smaller beaches where you can stop for a swim. The nearby beaches of Damnoni and Amoudi are also very popular with our visitors. For snorkellers the beach at Skinaria is hard to beat, a small cove with a sandy beach and single taverna. A little further afield but still within an hours drive are the beaches of Ligres and Triopetra delightful unspoilt beaches with terrific sunsets.


Although Samaria is the most famous of Crete's hundreds of gorges, there are other more secluded gorges within easy reach of Plakias. For those wishing to walk Samaria there are organised trips from Plakias, these involve an early morning start and coach ride to the top of the gorge in the heart of Crete's White Mountains, at the foot of the gorge at Agia Roumeli a boat returns the weary walker to Hora Sfakion from where coaches return to Plakias. Nearer to the village on the dramatic south coast road to Hora Sfakion are the gorges of Kallikratis and Asfendos, here you can walk all day without seeing another visitor. A little further along the coast road is Imbros gorge, now closely rivalling Samaria in popularity, at Imbros you can park at the top of the gorge and get a local taxi ride back to your car when you reach the bottom. Ask during your stay for more information on walking these and other gorges in the Plakias area.


It is an over used phrase but the Plakias area really is a walkers paradise, particularly in the spring when the fields are full of wild flowers and the air is heavy with the scent of herbs. The area provides walking for every level of fitness, from pleasant valley rambles to hikes into the islands highest mountains. The area around the Polychronakis family village of Agia Pelagia, just a 15 minute drive away, offers many pleasant valley walks taking in the abandoned village of Ano Mixourouma and the pretty village of Frati at the head of the Fratianos gorge. For the more energetic walker there are hikes around the foothills of Crete's highest mountain Psiloritis and further afield the White Mountain range which has over 50 peaks in excess of 2000 metres. A short stroll before dinner or a days hiking in the mountains, this area has something for everyone. Ask on arrival for more information on walking in the Plakias area.


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